Easy Ways to Say I Love You to Women

Easy Ways to Say I Love You to Women

Wives and girlfriends need their partners to express their love. Here are simple, personal gifts, ideas for thoughtful actions and tips for new ways to say “I love you.”

Some men are good at saying “I love you,” but many others feel that if their everyday actions show it, they shouldn’t have to say it. No matter how worthwhile the actions are, though, women appreciate hearing the actual words. And for some women, hearing them frequently is crucial.

Say I Love You in Words

Don’t let “I love you” become just an automatic phrase, though. Say it while looking into her eyes. Say it while stroking her hair. Whisper it into her ear. She’ll melt with love when you do.

When saying goodbye for the day, or on the phone, make it special:

  • “Have I told you today that I love you?”
  • “Hey, one more thing – I love you!”
  • “Do something for me – remember I love you.”

Little Actions that Say I Love You

A man’s everyday actions — hard work, showing respect, taking care of the “manly” things (if those are some of his responsibilities) — all show commitment and love. Extra little gestures, however, will make a wife or girlfriend smile inside.

  • Approach her when her back is turned, lift her hair, and kiss the back of her neck.
  • Leave a love note on the bathroom mirror or computer screen.
  • At unexpected times, put your arms around her, lower her into a deep dance dip, and kiss her passionately.
  • Pull out her chair for her at dinner, then kiss her cheek after she’s seated.
  • Start a conversation with “I remember the first time I saw you,” or “Remember that date at . . . ?”

Small, Thoughtful Gifts Say I Love You

Skip the expensive jewelry and the trips to Hawaii. Yes, those are powerful shows of love that will thrill most women. But frequent small gifts will show her you love her just as much (if not more), without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas:

  • Leave her favorite candy bar or exotic fruit near her computer, or next to the book she’s reading.
  • Put a single piece of fine chocolate on her pillow.
  • Regularly bring home an inexpensive bouquet of flowers. (If you only do it rarely, it can be a cause for suspicion, not joy.) Or pick wildflowers.
  • Frame a casual picture of the two of you and put it on the dining table.
  • When you’re out shopping, whether it’s the newsstand, the supermarket, or the hardware store, occasionally pick up something unexpected for her. It might be a favorite magazine, the latest book by her favorite author, or a box of Cracker Jacks, if that’s what she likes. Commonplace but unexpected purchases tell her you were thinking about her.

Relationships become long-lasting partnerships through close bonding, and these little ways of telling her that you love her will add to that bond. To celebrate a special day anytime during the year, check out Romantic Valentine Ideas.

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Easy Ways to Say I Love You to Women

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