Learn to Read Horoscopes in 4 Simple Steps

Learn to Read Horoscopes in 4 Simple Steps

Forget reading generalized magazine horoscopes. Learn astrology’s intricacies and give accurate in-depth horoscope readings in four easy to follow steps.

A true astrological horoscope reading is where you can see someone in an honest light. It is self reflection, self improvement, self discovery and guidance all rolled into one.

When used correctly astrology helps you to move in sync with the energy of the cosmos, and to balance your personality traits between being successful and fulfilled, whilst also content and secure emotionally. Its power is hard to underestimate.

A horoscope is a chart showing the position, star sign and house of every planet at the time and location of your birth. It is a snapshot of the energy of the cosmos. Click here to get a free horoscope chart and then follow the steps below to easily and accurately begin interpreting horoscopes.

There are 4 key factors in reading a horoscope:

  1. Planets
  2. Zodiac Signs
  3. Houses
  4. Interpretation

When Interpreting Your Horoscope

  • It is good to look at the planets as representing different parts of your personality (the way you assert yourself, communicate, where you are lucky, how forward thinking you are, etc.)
  • The zodiac signs then give “flavor” to these parts of your personality (Mercury being in Taurus would mean that you communicate practically, are happy to give the same speech again and again but also have an artistic twist to how you communicate. This suggests that you would be good at delivering practical advice to people; maybe even writing non fiction. Mercury in Aries would mean that you talk very directly, impulsively and can cause controversy).
  • Finally the houses represent how you behave in different areas of your life (career, private life, relationships, your intellectual and spiritual side, etc.). How many planets are in each House gives an indication of how much thought and effort you put into that area of your life. Forward thinking Uranus in your 4th House of home points towards you having a very modern home; Caring Cancer in your 10th House of Career suggests that you should have a career that utilities your caring or nurturing side as well as letting you use your intuition.

Using Astrology Practically

Interpreting horoscopes is never simple and it takes practice to begin to get a feeling for the true personality behind the chart. The importance of astrology is that it helps you to see why someone might be frustrated or unfulfilled in their job, or too lazy to even want to get a job.

  • For example if they worked in a mundane office environment doing the same thing day to day but had Aries, Leo and Sagittarius in their 10th House of career (the three fire signs) then it makes sense that they will be frustrated and should look for something more exciting.
  • If their horoscope has no water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) then they are likely to struggle expressing or even accessing their emotions. Taking simple steps such as swimming a few times a week or taking up a water sport can help to balance this out by bringing water into their life.
  • Someone else with a water Moon sign is likely to get comfort from being in water (taking a bath or going swimming).
  • If a horoscope lacks air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) then they will likely not be comfortable being the center of attention. Actively bringing this into their life will balance and complete them as a person; for example taking up amateur dramatics or a public speaking course.

Hopefully you can see now how incorporating astrology into your life can give you more confidence, and bring success and fulfillment.

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