There’s More to Astrology Than Just Sun Signs

There’s More to Astrology Than Just Sun Signs

Sun sign characteristics are too general and are only a portion of their astrological profiles. Discover the rest through a personalized horoscope or birth chart!

Ever read a sun sign profile and thought it was too general and could apply to almost anyone? Or ever met someone who is the same zodiac sign but were surprised at sharing no similarities?

That’s because sun signs are the easiest signs to determine and are indeed the most general. It doesn’t mean that they don’t count for anything, but the truth is that there is much more to discover about all individuals astrologically using moon signs and ascendant signs.

To gain a more specific insight into more complex astrological analysis, one must have an astrological chart, or horoscope, made which will calculate the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets and constellations at the individual’s precise day, time, year and geographic location of birth. A horoscope can also be a birth chart or a natal chart.

Sun Signs Reflect Ego

Sun signs in zodiac astrology

This is the sign that most people know. It is not day or year specific and one only needs to know that his birthday is approximately within the 30 days of one sign. For example, if his birthday is August 8, then he has a Leo sun sign.

Sun signs, simply put, are the specific constellation of the zodiac the sun occupied at birth. Some astrologists believe that men identify more strongly to their sun sign because the sun is a masculine energy. Discovering one’s sun sign gives insight into the person’s basic sense of self, general character and the goals they would like to achieve.

Astrologists believe that a person’s sun sign related to how he is deep down, of which only close friends might know. To understand this better, continue reading until the description of the ascendant sign.

Moon Signs Reflect Emotional Self

Simply speaking, one’s moon sign is determined by the specific constellation of the zodiac the moon occupied at the time of birth. It takes the moon roughly 2.5 days to transition into a new sign. Therefore, one must know the exact day, year and place of birth to determine the moon sign. If the day and time of birth falls on a cusp, it’s possible that the exact time of birth must also be known.

Moon signs speak to the person’s deepest inner feelings and needs. The moon sign reveals how the individual instinctively responds to situations and refers to the person’s subconscious self. If the person is highly emotional or has experienced trauma in early life, it’s possible that his / her moon sign might have greater bearing on him / her than the sun sign or rising sign. Many people who are in touch with themselves emotionally will identify more with their moon sign.

Eastern astrology puts more emphasis on moon and rising signs whereas Western astrology puts more emphasis on the sun sign. Some astrologists believe that a woman might respond more strongly to her moon sign because the moon is a feminine energy.

Rising Signs Reflect Self-Image

Risings signs, or ascendant signs, speak to the zodiac constellation that was on the horizon when and where the person was born. Rising signs are calculated at the specific time of birth and geographic location.

Rising signs point to appearance, mannerisms and how one comes across. Rising signs signal how other people view the person and may even be how he views himself, but only if he is young in maturity. The rising sign is the person he will allow others to see. If a person’s sun sign is in a secretive positive (usually water and earth signs), this dynamic might be heightened.

Astrologists believe that when people first meet an individual, they are seeing his rising, or ascendant, sign, and it is not until they have formed a deep friendship with someone that they discover a truer sense of that person, which is reflected in their sun sign.

For example, a Pisces woman with a rising sign of Aries may come across as proud, self-assured, self-assertive and a bit callous. Over time, her friends will see that she has a deeply sensitive nature and is indecisive and quite compassionate.

This explains why it is difficult to clump people in the same sun sign together. They may be expressing a different side of themselves than how they are deep down. A deeper analysis of close friends from the same sun sign will reveal similarities true to that sign.

Thus, the rising sign reflects a person’s outer layer and sun sign reflects a person’s inner-layer, only revealed perhaps to family, close friends and lovers. The moon sign is an emotional compass for the person and is deeply buried in the subconscious

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